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48 Abell

Posted 04/Feb/2007 17:00:00 by Sheryl

48 Abell "Drake, you ho, this is all your fault."

Spraypainted on the front of the Starbucks at Queen West and Dovercourt, it was an epithet for all to see. The once grotty, run-down and cheap strip of Queen West was getting swankified. Just wait, they all predicted, the next thing you know, they'll be kicking out artists and putting up condos they can't afford.

Well, yes and no. Last week the Ontario Municipal Board approved a development at 48 Abell Street that would see the current building torn down, forcing the artists who currently reside there to find other accommodations, at least temporarily. This has created an uproar within the West Queen West community, because the predictions all seem to be coming true.

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